Sample Mailcap File

text/richtext; Ishmail; print="cat %s | rt2ps | lp"

audio/basic; cat %s > /dev/audio

# Image
image/xwd; /usr/bin/X11/xwud -in %s
image/x-xwd; /usr/bin/X11/xwud -in %s
image/pgm; pgmtopbm %s | xv - -perfect
image/x-pgm; pgmtopbm %s | xv - -perfect
image/xbitmap; /usr/bin/X11/xloadimage %s
image/x-xbitmap; /usr/bin/X11/xloadimage %s
image/xbm; /usr/bin/X11/xloadimage %s
image/x-xbm; /usr/bin/X11/xloadimage %s
image/*; xv -perfect %s

# Audio
audio/*; showaudio %s

# Video
video/mpeg; mpeg_play %s

# Application
application/frame; showframe %s; print="cat %s | lp"
application/x-des; xterm -e /bin/sh -c 'cat %s | des -d %{method} -k %{key} | less'

# If you have an interactive Postscript interpreter, you should think carefully
# before replacing lpr with it in the following line, because PostScript
# can be an enormous security hole. It is RELATIVELY harmless
# when sent to the printer...
application/postscript; ghostview %s; label="A Postscript File";\
compose="getfilename Postscript %s"; print="cat %s | lp";\
composetyped="gettypedfile %s"

# External
message/external-body; getmextern '%s' '%{access-type}' '%{name}' '%{site}' '%{directory}'
'%{mode}' '%{ruser}' '%{rpwd}' '%{server}' '%{subject}'

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