Ishmail User's Guide

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About Ishmail User's Guide

Notation Conventions

Mouse Conventions

Keyboard Conventions

About Ishmail

Ishmail Features

Starting Ishmail

Command Line Interface

License Management

Customizing Ishmail

Sharing Folders with Other Mail Programs

Exiting Ishmail

Ishmail Main Window

Main Window Components

Main Window Menu Bar

Open Folders Viewing Area

Folder Contents Viewing Area

Main Window File Menu

Main Window Folder Menu

Using the File Selection Window

Main Window Message Menu

Composition Options

Read Options

Save Options

Printing and Filtering Options

Delete Options

Selection and Status Options

Using the Search Option

Message Pop-up Menu Options

Main Window Options Menu

Application-related Preferences

Message-related Preferences

Confirmations Option

Displayed Headers Option

Aliases Option

Alerts Option

Icons Option

Save Patterns Option

Automatic Mail Filing Option

Fonts Option

Buttons Option

Message List Option

Folder Preferences Option

Sort Option

Help Menu

Composition Window

Composition Window Components

Window Operations

Opening the Composition Window

Composing and Sending a Message
Message Compose Field

Composition Window Menu Bar

Composition Message Menu

Alternate Text Editor Option

Spelling Checker Option

Include/Attach Option

Including or Attaching an External File
Modifying or Deleting an Included File

Add Container Option

Check Addresses Now

Save Mail Template

Load Mail Template

Send Options

Clear or Close the Composition Window

Composition Edit Menu

Edit Options

Composition Options Menu

Composition Window Preferences

Outgoing Mail Preferences

Reply/Forward Preferences

Shortcut Buttons

Show Options

Help Menu

Comment on Application Window

Reading Window

Reading Window Components

Opening a New Reading Window

Reading Window Menu Bar

Reading Window Message Menu

Reading Window Reply Menu

Reading Window Options Menu

Preferences Option

Shortcut Buttons

Show All Headers Option

Display Source

Re-read Mailcap File

Displaying MIME-encoded Messages

Viewing MIME-encoded Messages

Printing MIME Messages

Help Menu

A Brief Discussion of MIME Message Content

Reading MIME Messages

Composing MIME Messages

MIME Data Types

Ishmail Resources

Mailcap File Definition

Sample Mailcap File


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