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Ishmail offers a comprehensive Help facility that provides help messages for all window and menu components. Seven types of help information are available. The figure "Help Pull-down Menu" shows the available Help options.

Figure: Help Pull-down Menu

Getting Help

To get help while in the Ishmail application, click the Help pull-down menu, then click on the appropriate help subject.

Ishmail's on-line Help system includes:

To choose an option in the Help pull-down menu, either click on the option, type its associated mnemonic (the underscored letter in the option's name), or type its associated Shift-function key sequence. Help menu options are:

On Context
Explains window components such as menus and buttons. When you select On Context, the pointer turns into a question mark. To display the Help message for a specific component, place the question mark on the component and click. A pop-up Help Card appears with concise information about the component and how to use it.

To see On Context help for a menu option, first select the menu then click on the dotted line at the top of the menu. This "tears off" the menu so it stays displayed. Now, go to the Help menu, select On Context, bring the mouse cursor back to the torn off menu, and click on the option for which you want to see the Help message.

On Window
Describes the tasks you can perform from the window.

On Application
Explains Ishmail's purpose and basic capabilities, and introduces important concepts and terms.

Lists each of the application's components for which you can get help.

On Help
Describes the on-line Help system.

On Keys
Details the application's keyboard shortcuts.

On Version
Displays the version information about the current application, including:

  • Version number

  • Operating system type

  • Date and time stamp

Also shows copyright, trademark, and licensing information.

User's Guide
Your Web browser command is launched with the URL of the on-line version of this manual.

See Application-related Preferences for information on specifying your Web browser command.

Another kind of help, called QuickHelp, is available for most window and menu components. If QuickHelp is available for the current component, a terse description of the component under the pointer appears in the message area near the bottom of the window. As the pointer is moved into different components, the quick help message is updated.

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