How to Forward Comments

We welcome your comments on this book and on the Ishmail application. You can use the Comment on Application window in the Ishmail application to send your comments directly to H&L Support.

If you're using a different mailer, address your comments to

  1. Contact H&L Software Customer Support by electronic mail:

  2. Specify Review Comments as the message subject.

  3. In the text of the message, enter:

    Ishmail User's Guide or Ishmail Application

    For comments on the manual, please identify the location of your comments, for example: Composition Window Chapter, page(s) ....

    If possible, include the original or surrounding text in the content of your comment.

    For comments on the application software, please identify the nature of your comment, for example: Composition Window, word-wrapping function ....

You can also send comments by U.S. mail to:

H&L Software Systems, Inc.
Attn: Customer Support
3645 Ranch Creek Drive
Austin, Texas 78730

For product information, call 1-800-382-7332 +1 512 257 2450.

Thank you for your interest and your help!

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