Include/Attach Option

The Include/Attach -> option enables you to include an external file in the message you are currently composing. This is one of the most powerful features of the MIME specification. The data in the external file can be of any type. It will be marked with identifying information such that the recipient's mail tool can present the data appropriately. For example, if you include an audio clip and the recipient reads the message with a MIME-capable mail tool, the audio clip will be played through the system's speakers.

There are several options available when adding data from an external file to your message:

Include File Menu Sequence

When you click the Include/Attach -> option, a cascading menu appears from which you select the inclusion or attachment that you want to include in your message. The figure shows the menus available from the Include/Attach -> option.

Figure: Include/Attach Option in the Composition Window

The available file type options are:

File(s) ...
This is the general purpose option for including or attaching an external file. When you select this option the Include/Attach File dialog is opened.

Message ...
This is a special case option of including a message from the current folder. When you select this option the Include Message dialog is opened. You will be prompted for the number of the message you want to include.

You may find it more convenient to click on a message in the Folder Contents area, drag it into the Composition window, and drop it where you want. See
Using Drag-and-Drop.

Signature ->
This is a special case option for including your signature file into the message. When you select this option another cascading menu appears, which lets you select from among possible signature files.

This option lets you include your signature anywhere in the message. Clicking the Add signature button near the bottom of the Composition window causes the signature to be added to the end of the message when it is sent.

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