Confirmations Option

It is possible to request the Ishmail program to perform certain whose effects are irreversible, such as permanently deleting a mail folder or clearing the contents of the current Composition window. To make Ishmail friendly to use, these actions cause a pop-up window to be opened that requests you to confirm that you really want to perform a certain action.

Experienced users of Ishmail may become annoyed, however, at seeing a confirmation pop-up window when their answer to the question always is "Yes, I know what I'm doing."

The Confirmation Preferences window lets you selectively disable the confirmation pop-up windows for various actions.

Actions that can be selectively confirmed include:

Quit and Exit
Do you really want to quit (or exit) from Ishmail?

Save changes during exit
Do you want to save changes to folders before exit?

Folder type for new folders
Which type (UNIX, mh, or MMDF) of folder do you wish to create?

Folder deletion
Do you really want to delete a folder?

Sending messages with no subject
Do you really want to send a message with no subject header?

Sending messages with an empty body
Do you really want to send an empty (null) message?

Clearing the Composition window
Do you really want to lose everything you've typed in the window?

Closing the Composition window with unmailed contents
Do you really want to abandon this new message?

Sending a message as plain text even though information will be lost
Do you really want to lose MIME data when this message is sent?

Mailing text that contains 8-bit characters as plain text
Do you really want to send a message without encoding, even though this means some information may be lost along the way?

Deleting inclusions or attachments in the Composition Window
Do you really want to delete included data, with no chance for undelete?

Figure: Confirmation Preferences Window

Applying Your Changes

Apply (or cancel) your changes using the row of buttons across the bottom of the window. See Applying Your Changes.

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