Main Window Options Menu

This section describes the options available in the Options pull-down menu. To see the options in the menu, click the Options button, or type Meta-O. The following menu appears:

Figure: Options Pull-down Menu

Options Menu Selections

The Options pull-down menu consists of options that operate on the "look and feel" of the program, enabling you to tailor your mail environment to your own personal preferences. Each menu option you select from the Options menu causes a dialog window to open in which you supply information or choose additional options that affect specific actions of your Ishmail application.

To choose an option in the Options pull-down menu, either click on the option or type its associated mnemonic (the underscored letter in the option's name).

Once you have specified your preferences in a dialog window, usually by activating a selection button or entering data in text field, you can apply those changes to all future Ishmail sessions or to just the current session. You can also cancel your selections so that no changes take effect.

The options available in the Options pull-down menu and the dialog windows that are associated with those options are described in the following sections:

For information about other kinds of changes you can make to your Ishmail environment, see Ishmail Resources.

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