Delete Options

The Message menu options related to deleting and restoring messages are:

Mark for Deletion
Mark the selected message or group of messages for deletion upon the next save changes operation or upon exiting the program.

If you have specified the Hide messages marked for deletion option in the Mail Preferences window, all messages marked for deletion will be removed from the Folder Contents listing. You can restore (undelete) these messages before performing a save changes operation by choosing the Undelete -> From list ... option (see below).

Undelete ->

Figure: Message Undelete Cascading Menus

Opens one of two cascading menus, depending on whether you choose to show or hide deleted messages in the message list (see Application-related Preferences.) The undelete options are:

Reverses the most recent Mark for deletion operation. This option restores the last message marked for deletion. It also restores multiple messages if they were marked for deletion as a group during the last Mark for deletion operation.

Reverses the Mark for deletion operation on one or more selected messages. This option is not available if the Hide messages marked for deletion option is in effect.

From list ...
Opens the Recover messages window from which you can select one or more messages to restore. This option is available only if the Hide messages marked for deletion option is in effect. This option moves messages from the "hidden" list back into the Folder Contents viewing area upon message restoration.

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