Selection and Status Options

The Message menu options related to message selection and status are:

Figure: Message Status Cascading Menus

Set status ->
Opens a cascading menu with selection options that enable you mark selected messages as Read, Unread, or New, and to reset or clear selected message status flags. For example, you may start to read a message and not have time to finish it. You can choose to restore the message to Unread or New status, so that next time you look at your mail you will be reminded to read it again.

See Message Status Icons and Flags for the list of message status flags.

The Deleted flag cannot be altered via the Set status -> option. Use the Message->Undelete option to undelete a message and reset its status.

Select All
Mark all messages in the message list as selected.

Deselect All
Reverse the selection of any or all selected messages.

Search ...
The Search ... option enables you to perform searches for specific mail message(s). You can perform a simple search using a single search pattern or you can construct a complex search expression using multiple search patterns.

The Search ... option is described in detail in the section entitled Using the Search Option.

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