Mouse Conventions

These conventions assume you are using a standard three-button mouse.

The left mouse button (mouse button 1) is the most commonly used button. You click the left mouse button to select items, activate menus, and depress or release buttons within Ishmail windows. When a procedure asks you to "click on an object" or to "select an item," use the left mouse button. The middle (mouse button 2) is used for "drag-and-drop" operations (see below). The right mouse button (mouse button 3) activates pop-up menus associated with a particular object or item.

If your mouse has only two buttons, pressing the left and right buttons simultaneously should provide the function of the middle button.

Ishmail windows follow Motif conventions for selecting, highlighting, and performing actions on selected items using the mouse. Reverse image highlighting is used to indicate items that have been selected.

In most cases, you will select (highlight) items, such as mail messages, mail folders, alias names, and so forth, and then perform some action on the selection(s).

There are several ways to select and then perform an action on selected items.

Selecting Items

You can select single or multiple items:

Performing an Action (command)

To perform an action on an item:


You can use the mouse drag-and-drop method to perform certain default actions on message(s).

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