About Ishmail User's Guide

This guide describes Ishmail, an graphical user interface for managing multi-media Internet electronic mail. It contains illustrations and descriptions explaining how to use the application.

Sample screens are presented, along with operational descriptions of the functions available with each interface screen.

The Ishmail application interface can be altered according to individual specifications through the use of selected options within the interface. You can also modify the X resource values that govern Ishmail's appearance and behavior.


Because almost everyone in a computer environment has access to electronic mail, Ishmail users bring to the application a wide range of experience, skills, and requirements. Some will use the application only to read and compose electronic mail. Others will also customize the application and manage its underlying X Window System resources. This guide is structured to accommodate varying levels of expertise.

The Ishmail User's Guide describes Ishmail's features, explains how to start Ishmail, and discusses how you use Ishmail's windows and menus to read and print mail messages, reply to, resend, or forward mail messages, compose and send new mail messages, and manage your mail folders. The guide also discusses the resource definitions that are available for customizing the application, including X resources and the mailcap file definition. These topics are included:

A glossary of electronic mail-related terms is at the end of the document.

Intended Audience

This guide is intended for a wide audience of electronic mail users, ranging from the inexperienced and occasional mail reader, to experienced system administrators and application developers. Although references to supplemental information in other documents are plentiful, readers of this guide should possess some familiarity with the UNIX operating system and with the X Window/OSF Motif environment.

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