Displaying MIME-encoded Messages

This section describes how you can view and print MIME-encoded included files or attachments. It covers:

You use Ishmail's Reading window to view incoming messages. These messages can include standard ASCII text and Rich Text, along with non-textual MIME-encoded information sent in the form of included files and attached files.

These non-textual elements (referred to as MIME body parts) are displayed as selectable icons in Ishmail's Reading window.

Icons Representing Included Files is an example of the icons that are used to represent non-textual body parts.

Your Ishmail application must have access to the appropriate display and print programs (for example, xv and mpeg_play) in order to view or print non-ASCII attachments and included files. These programs must also be defined in your mail capabilities (mailcap) file. (See Mailcap File Definition.)

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