Main Window Components

The Main window is the first window displayed when you start Ishmail. It contains the Main window menu bar and two viewing areas - the Open Folders viewing area and the Folder Contents viewing area, as shown in Main Window Components. From the Main window, you can manage your mail folders and individual mail messages and customize your Ishmail interface in a variety of ways.

For example, you can configure special shortcut buttons at the top or bottom or along either side of the window to help speed certain command functions. You can also change the fonts and font sizes of the various buttons, lists, and other text within Ishmail windows. See Main Window Options Menu for information about setting these preferences.

You can resize the Main window using your window manager's resizing handles at the edges of the window. As you resize the Main window vertically, the Open Folders viewing area grows or shrinks proportionally while the Folder Contents viewing area remains the same size. As you resize the Main window horizontally, both subwindows grow or shrink proportionally.

Vertical and horizontal scroll bars within the window appear if the size of a window becomes too small to fully display its contents.

You can use the small, square resize button (called a sash in Motif terminology) on the right side of the Main window to change the relative vertical sizes of the Open Folders viewing area and the Folder Contents viewing area.

The window areas in all figures shown in this guide are not true representations of full-size Ishmail windows. In some instances, they have been cropped and reduced in order to draw attention to certain elements in the figure.

Figure: Main Window Components

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