Reading Window

This section describes Ishmail's Reading window. It covers:

You use Ishmail's Reading window to view incoming messages from your In-box folder or messages you have saved to other folders.

From the Reading window, you can also launch a Composition window to reply to a received message, resend a message, or forward a message to other recipients.

In addition to plain ASCII text and Rich Text, Ishmail supports messages that contain information or data of a nontextual nature, such as image, video, audio, binary, or other non-ASCII file-types as defined in Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extensions (RFC 1521, Borenstein and Freed, 1992).

Your Ishmail application must have access to the appropriate display and print programs (for example, xv and mpeg_play) in order to view or print non-ASCII attachments and included files. These programs must also be defined in your mail capabilities (mailcap) file. (See Mailcap File Definition.)

See the Chapter entitled Displaying MIME-encoded Messages for information about selecting, viewing, and printing MIME messages.

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