Comment on Application Window

The Comment on Application window is a special version of the Composition window. It is intended for composing messages to be sent to H&L Technical Support.

It shares the "look and feel" of the Composition window and contains many of its standard elements, including pull-down menus, subject and recipient text fields, a multiple-line message composition field, and an append signature button. However, the Comment on Application window also contains several window-specific fixed fields for supplying information that is exclusive to the H&L support staff. (See the figure "Elements of the Comment on Application Window" below.)

For general information about using the pull-down menus and other standard components in the Comment on Application window, refer to Composition Window. For information about using the Help menu system, refer to Help Menu Options.

The Comment on Application window-specific components are described below.

To launch the Comment on Application window, click the Comment ... option in the main window File pull-down menu.

Figure: Elements of the Comment on Application Window

Comment Window-specific Components

The Comment on Application window contains a number of fixed fields. You cannot edit any of the text in fixed field areas, but you can click radio buttons in the Category and Weight fields that identify the type of comment you are making and the priority of your comment. The fixed fields are:

Identifies the type of H&L product you are using, in this case, a communications product.

Identifies the specific application component, in this case, the H&L Mail Tool.

Shows the version number of the component.

Identifies a category for your comment. To select a category, click the button to the left of the item that most closely describes your comment:

  • Bug

  • Performance

  • Function

  • User Interface

  • Other

This field is somewhat subjective. If your comment doesn't fit well into any of the specific categories, click Other.

Identifies the relative priority of your comment. To select a weight value, click the button to the left of the appropriate value:

  • Very High

  • High

  • Medium

  • Low

  • Very Low

This field, too, is subjective. If you are reporting what you feel is a serious problem, give it a high priority. If you are commenting on an element of the application that is just a minor annoyance, weight your comment appropriately.

Lists the address of the H&L Technical Support group. This field cannot be edited.

To send your message to H&L support, click one of the send options in the Message pull-down menu.

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