Main Window File Menu

This section describes the options available in the File pull-down menu. To see the File pull-down menu options, click the File button, or type Meta-F. The following menu appears:

Figure: File Pull-down Menu

File Menu Options

The File pull-down menu contains options for sending comments about Ishmail to H&L Customer Support, printing messages, and exiting from the program. To choose one of the options, either click on the option, type its associated mnemonic (the underscored letter in the option's name) or type its associated Ctrl-key sequence. File menu options are:

Comment ...
Generates a message to H&L Customer Support. Selecting the Comment ... button causes the Comment on Application window to open. The Comment on Application window is a modified version of Ishmail's standard Composition window. You use the Comment on Application window to report a software bug or a performance problem, request an enhancement, or simply comment on the application. (See Comment on Application.)

Print ...
Sends the selected message or group of messages to a printer. The Print ... option is selectable only if one or more messages are currently selected in the Folder Contents viewing area.

Selecting the Print ... button opens the Print Message window in which you specify how message headers are to be handled. The options are:

Print all headers
Select this option to print all headers including headers that are normally hidden.

Print displayed headers only
Select this option to print only the headers that are displayed in the message header section.

Don't print headers
Select this option to print just the body of the message.

If you select multiple messages to print, two additional options appear in the Print Message window:

Print separately
Select this option to print each message individually (a print command is issued for each message).

Print together
Select this option to concatenate and print the selected messages via a single print command.

After making your print selection(s):

If the message contains MIME-encoded inclusions or attachments, the Print MIME dialog window is displayed. You select options in this window to specify which included files or attached files to print or to skip. See Printing MIME Messages for the detailed print procedure.

Puts Ishmail to "sleep" by saving changes to folders and iconifying the Main window. You can use this option when you are leaving your system but plan to read your mail from another system. Using the Sleep option will prevent potential conflicts between changes to folders you have made (but not yet saved) while in Ishmail, and changes you may make to the same folders with another mail tool.

Selecting the Sleep option opens the Save confirmation window, which asks if you wish to save any changes you have made to mail folders.

If you forget to exit Ishmail or put it to sleep before going to another system, you can send Ishmail a SIGHUP signal (kill -1) to cause it to save changes and exit gracefully.

Quickly exit from the Ishmail program, abandoning any changes you have made to mail folders.

Gracefully exit the Ishmail program, saving changes to mail folders. Selecting Exit opens the Exit confirmation window. If you select the Yes option in the Exit confirmation window, AND if you have made changes to mail folders that have not yet been saved, the Save confirmation window appears, from which you can choose to save or discard changes to the applicable mail folders before exiting the program. Otherwise, the program exits without saving your changes.

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