Customizing Ishmail

You can customize Ishmail's look and feel by means of the standard methods for customizing X resources. In addition to command line options, resources tagged by the keyword ishmail can be specified in one or more resource files. The standard location for user-defined resources is $HOME/.Xdefaults. If the $XAPPLRESDIR environment variable is set it defines a directory in which to look for a file called Ishmail. Typically this directory is $HOME/app-defaults.

Ishmail preferences are stored in $HOME/.ishmailrc. The syntax is identical to that of the X resources.

Mail aliases are stored in .mailrc so that they can be shared with ASCII mail readers.

Other X resources can be stored in $HOME/.Xdefaults, $HOME/app-defaults/Ishmail, or in a file specified by $XUSERFILESEARCHPATH.

See the X User's Guide for more information.

Frequently used resources can be customized from within Ishmail. For example, you can make choices in Ishmail's Options menus to customize a number of parameters and variables in your Ishmail environment, including adding shortcut buttons, changing the sort order of messages, adding icons, specifying fonts, and so forth.

See Using the Options Menu for more information about customizing Ishmail from within the program. See Ishmail Resources for a more complete description of Ishmail resources.

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