License Management

You must have a license to use Ishmail. Anyone can have a 30-day free license to evaluate the product. Here's how to obtain an evaluation license.

Requesting an Evaluation License

When you first install and start Ishmail you will see the Ishmail License Request Window. It will have your e-mail address and your system's IP address already filled in, though you can override this information. Please make sure your e-mail address is correct, then press the Request License button and e-mail will be sent to, requesting an evaluation license.

Within hours (Monday through Friday, 8am to 6pm CST), you will receive an e-mail message containing your evaluation license. In the interim, you can read mail and explore many of Ishmail's features, but you cannot send or print mail, nor save changes to your mail folders.

An exception to the restriction against sending new mail is the Comment ... feature, available in the File menu. Click the Comment ... button in the File menu to display the Comment on Application window. You can use this window to experiment with composing mail messages or to send us questions and comments. However, the To: address is permanently set to

When you receive the license message, it will include a file. This file must be saved in the bin sub-directory of the location where you installed Ishmail. The easiest way to do this is to move the mouse cursor over the file's icon, then press and hold the right button. A menu will pop up. Choose the Save option. Next, a window will pop up with the default location of the license file already filled in. If you installed Ishmail in a different location you must change this pathname.

Requesting a Permanent License

If you decide to purchase Ishmail, contact us (in the U.S.) at 800 382 7332 or 512-257-2450, or send e-mail to

Figure: Ishmail License Request Window

There are three types of licenses. You can license an unlimited number of users at your site, you can license a list of specific users, or you can license a particular machine.

If you want to license a list of specific users, you tell us the total number of users when you request your license. Each time a different person uses Ishmail, their login name is added to the list of users. When the maximum number of users is reached anyone else who tries to use Ishmail will see the Ishmail License Limit Exceeded Window.

Figure: Ishmail License Limit Exceeded Window

If you want to add more users to your license, contact us by telephone or e-mail. If you want to remove users from the list to make room for other users, you can edit the license file and delete one or more names.

The license file is called license and is located in the bin sub-directory of where Ishmail is installed. It has several lines at the beginning containing license information, followed by a list of user names, one name per line.

Do not attempt to edit anything in the license file other than the list of user names. To do so will corrupt the license file and make it unusable.

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