Modifying or Deleting an Included File

You can modify or delete both ASCII and non-ASCII included files before executing a send option.

ASCII Included File

There are two ways to include an ASCII text file. You can include it directly (the contents of the file are expanded into the text of the Composition window) or you can include it separately (with an icon). To modify an ASCII text file included directly, simply edit it in the Composition window.

To delete an ASCII text file included directly, select (highlight) the text using the mouse button-drag-select method or a keyboard selection method, then press the Delete key or the Back Space key.

An ASCII text file included separately is modified or deleted using the same procedure as that for a non-ASCII included file.

Non-ASCII Included File

To modify a non-ASCII file, place the mouse pointer on the icon and press and hold the right mouse button. A pop-up menu is displayed that contains Edit Attributes ... and Delete buttons and descriptive information about the file. Slide the mouse pointer onto the Edit Attributes ... option and release the button. The Include/Attach file data file dialog window for the file-type is displayed. (Double-clicking the icon also brings up the Include/Attach file data file dialog window.)

To delete a non-ASCII file, display the pop-up menu as described in the Edit Attributes ... option above, then click the Delete button.

See Also

See MIME-encoded Messages for information about viewing included files and attached files that contain non-ASCII data.

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